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Anna Gonzalez, Owner
My name is Anna Gonzalez and my birthday is April 19th (same as my bestie). My favorite thing about my career is the clients. Hair is just a personal thing. I get to know people on a deep level and it's a privilege to be creative with their hair. I care and want to encourage others. It is amazing to see the confidence when they love their hair! My least favorite thing to do at the salon... Oh man! Vibrant colors. They take a lot of extra time and are so high maintenance. The expectation is way to high for a service that fades so fast! Some stylists live for these kind of projects. I tend to try to avoid it whenever possible.
First off, my motivation comes from my family. Secondly, I'm motivated when I think of how much energy and work Leticia and I put into making the salon what it is today and just wanting everyone to have an amazing experience! When I was little I always wanted to be a mom who cut hair at home. Funny now I am so thankful for the salon and home being separate. 

My favorite characteristic about myself is being able to talk with anyone. I get that from my mom. My least favorite would be my ability to get by with the bare minimum when I know it would be so much better if I gave it my all. My go-to when I'm having a bad day...A HOT BATH the kind your skin car professionals tell you not to take.

Our favorite things about Anna:
"I love Anna's positivity and the way she is kind to anyone she comes in contact with!" - Aliyah
"How caring and encouraging Anna is to help us reach all of our goals."- Vanessa
"I hate to say it but her HUGS, and wisdom words."- Musti
"So many things I love about Anna, but what's coming to mind right now is her many ideas (even though I shut a lot of them down). Her brain is always going and that's a quality I admire so much." - Letty
Leticia Roman, Owner
My name is Leticia, Letty, Lettyboss, Lettybabe and I share the same birthday as Anna's just one year shy of twins, April 19th. My favorite thing about my career is a good project/challenge. I like helping clients reach their dream hair in a healthy way. Having clients LOVE their hair is the ultimate goal! My least favorite thing to do behind the chair is failing when I haven't done something to the best of my ability. I go home thinking of all the things I could have changed. The thing that motivates me the most to work hard is my passion! I feel like I was born to create and so many things inspire me. I wanted to be a doctor when I was little, it turns out that blood makes me sick. I started to get really artistic as I grew and art was my jam.

My favorite characteristic about myself is that I am a perfectionist. My least favorite thing about myself is that I am a perfectionist... if you know you know! It's a rough cycle and you can get super down on yourself at times, but you can also create some stellar magic. My go-to when I'm having a bad day is silence. I drive home slow and sit in my garage for a hot minute to decompress (my husband normally has to tell me to come inside). Also I try and workout to prevent bad stress and hello good endorphins.

What we love about Letty:
"She is the best hair dresser I have ever seen in action. She is caring, kind and hilarious all wrapped up in the cutest messy bun." - Anna
"Her one-liner sense of humor, talent and CALMNESS." - Musti
"How hardworking she is and honest. Always making people laugh with the simplest thing." - Vanessa
"I love Letty's laugh and how it lights up the room. Her willingness and determination to do the craziest coloring projects!" - Aliyah
Vanessa Quintana, Managing Stylist
My name is Vanessa! My favorite thing about my career is making my clients feel beautiful! I love when my clients rave about their new hair and to see the smile across their face. I want them to feel at home and relaxed when they are in my chair. I love doing all the babylights (highlights) they are satisfying as well as blowouts that my client can wear for days! I am not a huge fan of clipper cuts, I love creating styles with my shears.  I am motivated by reaching new goals and learning new things.  When I was little I always wanted to be a fashion designer and cosmetologist. I was always doing my family and friends hair, nails and makeup. It started with styling my Barbies and Bratz dolls since a child.

My favorite characteristic about myself is being creative and artistic. I have always loved many mediums of art and unique things! My least favorite characteristic is being shy. I have a soft voice, but have surprised myself when clients are in my chair, it has helped me become more outgoing. When I am having a bad day I love to take long drives listening to music and come home to my dog who is always happy. 
Grace Jandt, Stylist
My name is Grace! My favorite service to provide is definitely blowouts or anything to do with styling. My least favorite thing to do behind the chair is making sure something is blended enough! I will drive myself crazy if something isn't blended. What motivates me: I love what I do! Making people feel confident and beautiful is such a good feeling.

When I was little I wanted to be a ballerina. I wore a ballerina skirt over all my clothes. Everyday.

My favorite characteristic about myself: I will always make sure people feel welcome and comfortable. Least favorite characteristic about myself: I am a perfectionist! If something isn't done to the best of my ability it keeps me up at night. When I have a bad day I go for a walk or hike and play my favorite music.
Inessa Ferreri, Stylist
My name is Inessa! My favorite part of my job is helping people feel beautiful and confident in themselves. When I was younger I wanted to be a teacher or a nurse or an FBI agent or even a professional ballet dancer.

I studied at CNM and switched my major three times until I decided I wanted to go into cosmetology.  I love doing all things color especially multiple colors as well as perms and updos. I wouldn’t say I really have something I fully dislike...however, men’s haircuts are not my favorite.

I am motivated by my love for self-expression and creativity. When I have a bad day my favorite thing to do is listen to music and relax.
Naudia Lane, Stylist
My name is Naudia Lane and my birthday is November 7th! My favorite thing to do with hair is coloring and doing root touch-ups. I’ve been doing them since I was in 6th grade. I also love doing haircuts with texture. My least favorite thing to do is men’s fades and doing something I haven’t done before but I’m always willing to take the challenge and learn more. 

What motivates me is knowing that people leave my chair feeling pampered and refreshed. I also love using my hands to be creative and bring joy to others. When I was younger I wanted to be a nurse and then I wanted to be a tattoo artist or hair stylist while in high school. At least one of them came true! My favorite characteristic about myself is being able to talk to anyone about anything. I love learning new things from people and about people. My least favorite characteristic is that I can be a little OCD and I like things to be very neat and I can get lost in time with it.

When I’m having a bad day I like to hang out with my two cats or with my friends. I also love playing video games and watching funny movies.

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